Welcome to Trans Vent Spiral Tubing for Brisbane & Sydney – Manufacturers since 1975

Trans Vent manufactures spiral ducting and spiral tubing for a vast array of customers in Brisbane & Sydney. Our sales team are dedicated to large and small projects alike.

Air & Venting Round ducting
Insulated duct
Oval (space saving) ducting
Dust or particle extraction
Chimney flue’s and exhaust
Fittings and accessories

Pier liners: pile and foundation forming
Column formers round
Column formers smooth lined (smooth finish)
Column formers oval (space saving)
Void forming tube

Culvert tubing and underground drainage
Spiral welded and high pressure tubing
Miscellaneous uses
Duct and Tubing Profiles

Round Bends
Oval Bends
Joiners & End Caps
Flanges & Mounting Brackets
Transformations, Reducers & Offsets
T & Y Pieces & Volume Dampers
Register Take Offs
Insulated Ducting
Dust & Fume Extraction


  • Fabrication

    Trans Vent can also offer complete spooling and fabrication to suit your individual needs. We have a comprehensive range of fittings; such as tube bends, reducers, branches and tee’s. We also have a variety of joining methods we can offer on request, including flanges, Victaulic and coupling connections.

  • Manufacturing

    At Trans Vent we use specialised Spiral manufacturing & welding processes to meet our individual customer needs. We offer both Tig & Mig welding. Trans Vent throughout its entire manufacturing process focus on the strictest quality procedures and regular inspections.

  • Applications

    There are a wide range of applications for Spiral Welded tubes. Some of the more common are:
    •Fume Extraction
    •Rain Water Down pipes
    •Water and Pulp Lines
    •Condenser/Chiller Water Systems
    •Furnace and Boiler Flues
    •Water and Wort Lines
    •Slurry and Chemical Applications
    •Auger tubing
    •Tri & Co-Generation

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