Fittings and accessories

Round Pressed Bends

Round Pressed Bends
Round Elbow Bends
Mitred Bends
Oval Bends
Mitred Bends

Joiners available in all sizes, for outside and inside fittings to duct or tube



End caps / Block ends available in all sizes, in flat end or bullnose type.


End Caps / Block Ends

Flanges available in all sizes, in flat or angle fittings to suit duct.


Hanger & Support Brackets

Hanger and Support Brackets

Available in 2 piece hanger, 1 piece, support bracket and half moon.
Also available for oval duct. not shown.

Oval to Round Transform
Square/Rectangle to Round or Oval Transform
Round or Oval Reducers
Round or Oval offset
Oval or Round T and Y Pieces
Oval or Round Volume Dampers
Register Take Offs
Oval or Round Volume Dampers

Trans Vent Insulated Duct is available with 25mm or 50mm yellow semi ridgid wool or polyester.

It is available in round, oval duct and fittings with perforated steel linings to suit.

10mm Kao Wool also for heater element applications.

Ends can be capped or “plain” open, between duct and steel perforated lining.


Trans Vent Spiral Tubing is ideally suited for all dust & fume extraction applications. Spray Booth duct & flue sets are available and are used for dust flues also.


Here are just some of theTrans Vent Spiral Tubing and ducting uses

  • Column Formers
  • Pier Liners
  • Dust Extraction
  • Fume Extraction
  • Air Conditioning
  • Tunnel/Mine Ventillation
  • Void/Span tubing
  • Drainage/Irrigation
  • Pool Foundations
  • Down Pipes
  • Exhaust Flues
  • Rubbish Chutes
  • Laundry Chutes
  • Display Props
  • Refineries
  • Augers
  • Culvert
  • Underpinning

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